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A Dickens of a Christmas

Christmas is a joy of new and old – surprise presents, surprise visits, cards and music – but all wrapped around with old friends and things we have done over and over and will do again when the time comes round.

Yesterday we sat radiantly to watch Michael Caine learn again the message of Christmas – with the Muppets, singing the songs, saying the words and knowing the truths – ‘God bless us – every one’

Last week’s review of the papers had introduced me to The Cricket on the Hearth – a less well-known Christmas story from Charles Dickens: A Christmas Carol’s lesser-known successor gets its moment in the spotlight | Books | The Guardian

I might have come across it earlier in life as it is there in the Dickens collection inherited from my grandmother – It lived with those other blue jacketed volumes behind the glass door of a bookcase. The doors bound shut via a thread wound around two brass knobs – This thread was a great attraction and was fiddled with often by small boys – but this did not lead to regular reading of the genius word protected. So far I am struggling with the story of the cricket.