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New FREE Online workshop

Whatever our age and wherever we live, noticing nature and connecting with the seasons is good for our physical and mental health.


Whether you live in the countryside, suburbs, or city centre, it is our hope that At Home with the Seasons will be an encouragement for you to be more intentional in noticing and connecting with the seasons, using all your senses.

Our free online workshop aims to encourage and equip you to use At Home with the Seasons in your own context as a person living with dementia, carer or dementia care practitioner.

We have structured our At Home with the Seasons resource by season and each of the workshops will focus on a season. 

We have developed this resource especially with people living with dementia and carers in mind.


The workshop is free but if you can donate, it will help us to continue to deliver this programme and others like it.  When you book your ticket on Eventbrite there will be an option to donate.

We will run four workshops across the year, one for each season.


You are welcome to attend, one, several, or all workshops. The dates of the upcoming workshops are below:


Summer - Wednesday 5th June 2024, 4pm - 5.30pm

Once you have registered the Zoom invitation will be sent to you, as well as a reminder on the day of each workshop. The Zoom meeting will open 5 minutes before each session for a start at 4pm. There will be a short screen break during our time together, and we will finish promptly at 5.30pm.

This workshop will be run by Charlotte Evans. Inspired by the time she spent with her Gran, Charlotte founded social enterprise Story Chaplain, which encourages and equips people to use everyday creativity when spending time with people living with dementia. Charlotte holds an MA in Bibliotherapy (fiction therapy), and uses poems and creative writing i her workshops. Charlotte often uses connection with nature and the seasons to encourage meaningful moments.

Please help us support people living with dementia and their families by donating to our fundraiser. Become part of our Dementia Pathfinders community and join us to secure the future of our truly important work:

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