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Hosted by Dementia Pathfinders, the Dementia Roadmap is a collaboration involving health and care commisioners and providers.


About the Roadmap

The Dementia Roadmap provides high quality local information about services, support groups and care pathways to assist people affected by dementia to navigate the dementia journey.

There is a wealth of information, guidance, tools and resources which support health and care professionals to support people living with dementia and their carers. However, information is difficult to access when needed and is often only available in different places. The Dementia Roadmap pulls all this information together and makes it available on a single portal.

Key features:

• A coherent structure reflecting the dementia journey

• Signposting people to existing high quality sources of information

• Accessible and easy to use

• Available on mobile, tablet and desktop devices

For information on how to get a Roadmap in your local area please contact

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