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The Dementia Road Map has been retired pending development of a new platform. Please check back in the near future for a further update.


About the Roadmap

The Dementia Roadmap is a web based platform that provides high quality information about the dementia journey alongside local information about services, support groups and care pathways to assist primary care staff to more effectively support people with dementia, their families and carers.

The platform supports the creation of local Dementia Roadmaps pre-populated with a wide range of nationally relevant resources and groups, organised across the main topics reflecting the dementia journey. Following installation and introductory training local editors populate their Roadmap with resources and groups that are relevant to their locality.

The Dementia Roadmap has been developed in a partnership between the Royal College of General Practitioners and the Department of Health. It is proudly hosted by Dementia Pathfinders.

Find out how to get a Roadmap in your local area

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