Award for excellence in dementia care for care workers, domestic and ancillary staff, health and activity organisers. 

The final Margaret Butterworth Awards will take place in 2022 – check back for more information including how to nominate. 

Margaret Butterworth

During her lifetime, Margaret Butterworth worked energetically and creatively to improve care for people with dementia, their friends and families.  Margaret engaged with the complexity of the modern care world with a quiet but persistent voice. She honoured and shared good practice and believed that simple acts of the heart made all the difference.  The award recognises the achievements of front line staff, those who are often in the lowest paid jobs but who give of themselves to improve the lives of people with dementia.

Margaret Butterworth Award Winners


From left to right, 2019 Winners with MBA organisers,  Jude, Alison, Sue and Clare.
Jude Sweeting, Tirath Kaur (Commended with distinction),
Debra Pierson (Commended with distinction),
Alison Soliman, Cynthia Grant (Highly commended),
Sandra Graham (Commended with distinction),
Mohamed Larbi (Highly commended),
Valeria Werner (Highly commended),
Michael Butler (Winner),
Karen Cox (Commended with distinction),
Sue Heiser and Clare Morris. 
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The Awards
This annual award is in its 17th year and aims to celebrate excellence in dementia care in the spirit and memory of Margaret's life.  Nominations of care workers, domestic and ancillary staff, health and activity organisers meeting the criteria listed below are invited.  There will be up to three winners.  The successful candidates will receive a cash award and a certificate.

The Judges
Will be a panel of health and social care professionals.

The Winners
Will be invited to an award ceremony that will take place in central London in summer 2022.


The Criteria
The person must be:

  • Working with people in a health or social care setting or in a person's home in the UK

  • A paid care worker, home care worker, activity co-ordinator or health care assistant, who is not a professional (i.e. a nurse, social worker or team manager) and who deserves special recognition

  • Nominated by a manager, service user, family carer or colleague with supporting evidence from at least one person


Examples of achievements and qualities we are looking for:

  • Always kind and patient, whatever the difficulties

  • Aware of the 'personhood' of the person with dementia

  • Understands dementia and has 'the knack' to cope in demanding situations

  • Shows skills in being with people living with dementia and promoting well-being

  • Is able to connect with people, whatever their background, culture or ethnicity

  • Creates a good atmosphere and motivates colleagues

  • Has brought a project to life

  • Makes a difference to overcome a care-giving or personal difficulty


How to apply
Nominations should be from a manager, family carer or a colleague. Please include the following information with your application:

About the nominee

  • Name and job title

  • Name, address and telephone number of the organisation the nominee works for


About the nominator

  • Name and job title

  • Name, address, telephone number and email of the organisation the nominator works for (where applicable)
    Or, relationship to the nominee


A description of what the worker has done to deserve the award, with examples which illustrate how well they do their job.


Other supporting evidence from managers, service users, family carers or colleagues.  Having endorsements to back up the application is most helpful.


Submitting your application

By post to: Margaret Butterworth Award, c/o Dementia Pathfinders CIC, Bushbury Triangle, 74 Stanley Road. Bushbury, Wolverhampton WV10 9EL

By email to: