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Zoe Harris cared for her husband for 5 years at home before he moved to a care home with advanced dementia for the final 13 months of his life.


Putting to use what she learned from that experience, Zoe developed the range of Remember I’m-Me-Care Charts which are now in use in over 1,400 care homes, also in hospitals and people’s own homes.


The Care Charts have won numerous awards and resulted in Zoe being named as a Nesta/Observer Radical and HSJ Innovator in 2014.


Zoe’s previous careers have all had communication at their centre, whether journalism, public relations or marketing and she has combined that knowledge with her personal experience of caring to develop further communication tools such as the My Future Care Handbook and Buddy Service. Zoe has seen first hand the difference it can make to have those important conversations about end of life and how it can bring peace of mind to family members when decisions have been made and shared.

My Future Care Handbook

An interactive workbook designed to guide you gently through the complexities of planning for later life, with all the information you need to make, record and share decisions around your future care, end of life and beyond.

You will find the My Future Care Handbook within our Marketplace, where you can discover the full range of activities and other products

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