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10th December 2020

Cognitive Stimulation Therapy

Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (CST) is an evidence-based group treatment for people with mild to moderate dementia. It involves 14 or more sessions of stimulating, themed activities, based around more complex principles including learning theory and person-centred care. CST can be extended into a longer-term treatment and can be offered to a range of clients including outpatients and people in residential or day care.

Training is led by a Clinical Psychologists with extensive experience in offering CST. Training is interactive, involving group exercises, role-play and video observation as well as some ‘teaching’.

Course Aim:

To give learners an overview of how to deliver Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (CST). CST is a brief evidence-based group treatment for people with dementia. This interactive course will include a background about CST and how it can be used, research overview and detailed presentation of the treatment, including DVD footage and role-play.

Learning Objectives:

Recognise various explanatory models for dementia and the main therapeutic approaches used in dementia care.
Understand how Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (CST) was designed and evaluated.
Be able to deliver CST to groups of people with dementia, and critically evaluate this process.
Reflect on issues such as the selection of suitable participants, motivating people to participate and managing group dynamics.
Trainer: Professor Aimee Spector, University College London, UK.

Professor Spector developed CST as her PhD and has since been involved in several ongoing research trials. She has authored four CST training manuals, developed this course and has delivered it to over 2000 people worldwide. Aimee also has extensive clinical experience working with people with dementia and in facilitating CST groups. Dr Spector leads the CST training and is Director of the International CST Centre.

For more information and to book online visit our Training and Workshop pages:

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