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Post card from then to now

It began with me searching for cards which tell the story of times past – to share with others as we keep in touch at this special time of life.

There used to be a generous supply of such cards in the shop at Wolverhampton Art Gallery – a frequent haunt, especially on a Friday afternoon. I have not been able to get down to Wolverhampton – for too many months – but others have gone to look for me and tell me there are no such cads to be seen. Nothing via the website – or any other websites – it seems this little treat has been lost for now. There must be the originals somewhere but it is beyond me so far, to unveil them.

But out of the efforts of friends and relations came a booklet of ‘Wolverhampton in old photographs’. It is brilliant and I found that it is one of a series. I have more: Scarborough, Didsbury, Nottingham (old pubs), West Bromwich, The Isle of Wight, Swansea, Vintage Piers, Subbuteo, petrol Stations, Police Cards and Cop cards – reflecting places which mean a lot to me or certain of our friends – or the quirky interests we share.

So it is not quite what I was looking for, but something different and opening new windows.

There are other materials which we can use as reminiscence-aids, some marketed especially for people with dementia, but reminiscing is a pleasure in health as well as in sickness. Stories will come back and be shared. A gentle, peaceful diversion and alternative to the strife and competitiveness which has been marking these recent weeks.


Source of my postcard booklets: Ian Campbell


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