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African Caribbean Reminiscence Activity Book

African Caribbean Reminiscence Activity Book


Puzzles such as Wordsearch, word fit and word unscramble etc have been shown to have many positive mental benefits. They can help increase creative thinking, well being, focus and cognitive skills.


The dementia-friendly African Caribbean Reminiscence activity book will provide hours of reminiscence, recollections and fun anecdotes for all the family and carers

60 A4 pages of puzzles and solutions guarantee hours of fond memories, brainteasers, and relaxing and exciting fun suitable for all the family.


The large print size is suitable for children, adults and the visually impaired. A great gift for all the family young and old.


The book has been prepared with the help of health professionals, care organisations and feedback from African Caribbean seniors themselves.


Size: A4 Pages: 60 pages Cover: Full colour laminated.