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Sandwell Community Dementia Service

T: 01902 826 655



Dementia Pathfinders are proud to partner with local organisations to provide Sandwell Community Dementia Service, offering advice, information and support to people worried about their memory and those with a dementia diagnosis in Sandwell.


This partnership of voluntary sector organisations work together to provide support all the way along the dementia pathway, as well as, helping to facilitate Dementia Friendly Communities in Sandwell. The partnership includes:

The aim of the service is to support early diagnosis and deliver interventions which are tailored to individuals’ needs and are reflective of our diverse communities in Sandwell. Interventions will be designed to empower and enable people to make informed decisions about the care and support they or their loved ones receive. The service also supports crisis avoidance by working collaboratively with a range of stakeholders including health and social care professionals to quickly identify and work with people and families at risk.

Who Can Access the Service?

Sandwell Community Dementia Service is free to access for people living in Sandwell who are registered  with a Sandwell GP Practice and are:

  • At any stage of memory loss and/or other cognitive symptoms

  • Diagnosed with dementia

  • A carer family member of someone living with dementia

For further information on this service, please contact:

T: 01902 826 655


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