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Inspired by the time she spent with her Gran, Charlotte Evans founded social enterprise Story Chaplain, which encourages and equips people to use everyday creativity when spending time with people living with and without dementia.

Charlotte holds MAs in Issues in Modern Culture, and Bibliotherapy (fiction therapy). She uses Comfort Words, poems and creative writing in her workshops. Charlotte often uses Wild Pottering, connection with nature and the seasons to encourage meaningful moments. 


Other resources Charlotte has developed include the Ingredients Cards to encourage quality time with people living with and without dementia, and Use Your Marbles to promote better brain health right across the life course.

Charlotte has been running occasional bibliotherapy workshops for Dementia Pathfinders since 2017, and more recently was commissioned to develop At Home with the Seasons, a resource to support people living with and without dementia to savour and capture what they enjoy about each season.


Most recently Charlotte has developed and run a series of Life Story Book workshops for Dementia Pathfinders.