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Thinking Differently about Dementia

T: 0121 796 9333



Dementia Pathfinders partners with Agewell in the West Midlands to deliver an innovative project called 'Thinking Differently About Dementia' . Funded by the National Lottery for 3-years, a key objective of 'Thinking Differently About Dementia' is to establish two 'Meeting Centres' in Sandwell to provide post diagnosis support for people living with mild or moderate dementia.


'Thinking Differently About Dementia' is led by a a Project Co-ordinator, Melanie Charters and staffed by Dementia Wellbeing Advisers, Claire Williams and Debra Pierson and Dementia Support Worker, Faye White. Working alongside statutory and third sector partners, and in close collaboration with Dementia Navigators and Dementia Advisers from Sandwell Community Dementia Service, 'Thinking Differently About Dementia' seeks to strengthen support for people with dementia following a diagnosis of any kind of dementia, and provide additional information and support for their families, supporters and carers.

Seeking and receiving a diagnosis of dementia can be an anxious time for both the person themselves and their family. By contacting Agewell you will not be left on your own to worry and wonder what to do next. Wellbeing Advisors at Agewell are avaliable to provide support and advice both in your home and at various groups tailored to suit your needs.



  • Support you in seeking a diagnosis

  • Be there to provide the support you need to take it all in

  • Guide you and your family through what can be done now to better prepare for the future

  • Encourage you and your family carers to take part in enjoyable activities in the community

  • Help you to make the most of your life after diagnosis


For more information and to make a referral, contact Agewell on 0121 796 9333 or email: 

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