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Anyone over 50 lives in dread of the big A

This is a quote from Dr Richard Restak in an article written for the Guardian by Gaby Hinsliff.

Now 80 Restak is still active in the field and has written another book for the general public: ‘The Complete Guide to Memory: The science of strengthening your mind. Stop drinking, keep reading, look after your hearing: a neurologist’s tips for fighting memory loss and Alzheimer’s | Memory | The Guardian

He speaks a lot of sense – most of it already well known by anyone with a passing interest in keeping themselves lively as they grow older. But there is nothing wrong in saying it again – perhaps at the fourth iteration the penny will click:

‘This relates to me and I best do something about it. He attempts to characterise the memory lapses - ‘sins of memory loss’ as he puts it- which are not too serious and are unlikely to give way the dementia, and compares them with more sinister errors such as putting your car key or newspaper in the fridge. – Mind on a frantic morning it is strange where some familiar items choose to land.

This is probably