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‘Brain Fog’

The impact of Covid-19 on our lives has been immense – it continues to be hugely important though the intensity of interest and fear associated with the daily TV communications about it in the early days of 2020 has subsided.

A report this week drew attention to the long term effects on some people: the strange phenomenon of Long Covid includes greater risk of ‘Brain Fog’ and dementia Covid linked to longer-term elevated risk of brain fog and dementia | Coronavirus | The Guardian

The newspaper report draws on a scholarly article in the Lancet: Neurological and psychiatric risk trajectories after SARS-CoV-2 infection: an analysis of 2-year retrospective cohort studies including 1 284 437 patients - The Lancet Psychiatry

This reviewed the health and mortality of 1,487,712 people from electronic health records from the USA and a number of other countries, including the UK, who have experienced infection with Covid-19 in one of its variants. Their subsequent experience of morbidity with a number of conditions was compared with that of people who had experienced a respiratory infection not-covid, over a follow up of 800 days.

The analysis differentiates by age group: children (<18 years), adults (18-64) and older adults (65+).