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Muddling through the newspapers and other media matters looking for references to older people, people with dementia and related conditions – it was difficult to find space not given over to the sleaze of government and multi-national companies, and the proposals from MPs who would like to take responsibility as Prime Minister in sequence to Boris Johnson. Ne’er a one would take serious steps to discipline our behaviour and economics in ways which would produce equality of wealth and opportunity which might equip us to make prudent responses to the challenges of: the environmental crisis – heat and wildfires this week, covid – the pandemic is not over – cases are rising by 20-30% each week, cost of living – one in six households are known to be in difficulty, children in some schools have been stealing food. The health and social care system is not coping – people no longer trust their GP, waiting lists are higher than ever for cold cases. People who are seriously ill are advised they will wait at least 4 hours to be seen in A and E.

All we have heard from the prospective candidates is a wish for a low tax, low benefit economy.

So it was a surprise and source of refreshment to read about the Parliamentary Prayer Breakfast which was attended by more than 200 MPs 2022 Programme – Christians in Parliament

And the effect which the sermon from Les Isaac had on at least one MP who was there and was listening:

Later that day, in his resignation speech in Parliament, Sajid Javid said “this House broke bread together at the Parliamentary Prayer Breakfast and listened to the words of Rev Les Isaac who spoke about the responsibility that comes with leadership the responsibility to serve the interests of others above your own and to seek the common good.” In a later interview with the BBC, Sajid Javid elaborated on this, saying “I was listening to the sermon by this amazing man, Rev Les Isaac…he started Street Pastors. I was listening to him talking about the importance of integrity in public life & just focusing on that, I made up my mind. I …drafted the resignation letter and went to see the Prime Minister”.

Within all this there is need to turn the insights which come from Les Isaac, the prophets of old and wise men and women of all cultures, into action to revise the course of history.

We read that poor children are most affected by current circumstances and policies: North-east England overtakes London as UK’s child poverty hotspot | Poverty | The Guardian

But what applies to vulnerable children – whose images attract the greatest sympathy – applies across the board to the disadvantaged of all ages. We must listen and take responsible action:

“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's needs, but not every man's greed.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

Can we break bread together in humility? Please.

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