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Chaos and Darkness

I am almost overwhelmed by the stories of failure of our services to protect and promote the health of people of all ages, most particularly those who are less well-off:

When we were medical students we were taught that at times of national and international decline, breakdown was preceded by the rise of certain conditions:


We find that the health of young children is worse than it was: The Guardian view on worsening child health: a mandate for change | Editorial | The Guardian

Mental health services are frighteningly inadequate and incompetent: Thousands of mental health patients readmitted within a month in England | Mental health | The Guardian

People with dementia: It is a tragic and shameful situation in which some groups are most at risk. These include children under five – and a rallying call is being made. But people with dementia are most certainly at least likely to being neglected by the mainstream services. Do we have a systematic study to investigate this? Families caring for dementia patients in UK reaching crisis point, says charity | Dementia | The Guardian


Each week we post a blog from David Jolley where he shares his personal views on relevant subjects.

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