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Comfort and inspiration near to home

You can feel we are drowning in the daily deluge of information, exhortations, angst and frequently changing rules about Covid 19.

It is all important – but we need a balance – and most ordinary people, including people with dementia and their families, are grateful for something less frantic, something reliable and lasting.

Pope Francis has provided some blessed assurance rising above the hubbub of sound-bites and one-liners which add up to nothing

Elsewhere the newspapers have rediscovered the balm of nature – in small form as in house plants, who’s inclusion in the home, however small and confined, is associated with a greater sense of peace. In hospital the presence of plants encourages and speeds recovery to earlier discharge:

In more magnificent proportions, as in trees, we can drink in their presence, shape and, especially at this time of year, wonderful and changing colours.

You don’t have to go far for this treat. There are examples all around with walking distance, or a short drive Walk back in time: four historic hikes in England’s woodlands

What a wonderful world.

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