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Ethics and all

I have just received a copy of Julian Hughes’ latest book.

He is the sole author of ‘Dementia and Ethics Reconsidered’ published by Open University Press. It is the third book in a series: ‘Reconsidering Dementia’ which is being edited by Dawn Brooker and Keith Oliver.

The other two books in the series which have been published, address Dementia and Psychotherapy (Richard Cheston) and Education and training (Claire Surr, Sarah Jane Smith, and Isabelle Latham).

Other titles promised include: ‘Leisure and everyday life’, ‘Talking with dementia’, and ‘Reconsidering neighbourhoods and living with dementia: Spaces, places and people’. Fascinating. Clearly inspired by Tom Kitwood’s ‘Dementia Reconsidered’, this promises to be and important and inspiring series.

I expected to find a list of authors for the different chapters – but Dementia and Ethics Reconsidered is Julian Hughes all through. This is recommendation in itself. He has brought to the field of dementia and related disorders, interest and a degree of understanding and even competence in a dimension which many of us hardly dared to think of previously. He has a unique persona and unique educational journey which have equipped him like no one else.

I am looking forward to reading the book.

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