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Friends in green spaces:

This Easter week has been a time for reflection as we try to make some sense of a world so close to the risk of destroying itself.

It has lifted the spirits and brought some freshness to life to note the achievements of two older women: Annunziata Murgia – now in her 90s has sat for the school diploma which was denied her through lack of educational opportunity as a child: ‘My classmates are like my grandchildren’: Italian woman returns to school at 90 | Italy | The Guardian

And Alice Walker is Mastermind Champion – most serene and humbly unassuming, but very pleased: ‘I might be done with TV quizshows now,’ says oldest female winner of Mastermind | Television | The Guardian

I am searching for meaning and pleasures which are simple and uncontaminated. The answer is in nature close to home: We are reminded that you do not have to fly to faraway places to find and enjoy nature: The Guardian view on nature tourism: tread lightly | Editorial | The Guardian

We can just do these things – whatever our age and ability or disability. We might have some thoughts that these actions will contribute to making the planet safer from the pollution and environmental changes we are responsible for. But they also make us feel better and find better physical and mental health: Green spaces aren’t just for nature – they boost our mental health too | New Scientist

There is a parable in the story that the hazards of intense farming methods are coming home to roost –The three Fs: why UK farmers fear the soaring cost of fertiliser, feed and fuel | Supply chain crisis The Guardian

Perhaps this will lead more to return to traditional cycles that allow the soil to regenerate it fertility rather than become an empty sponge requiring parental feed. It takes longer. It has an expense. The profit is wholesome richness. We can all be pleased to have some of that.

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