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God save us all

Monday the 19th was a day given over to pageant and memories of the years we have shared with Queen Elizabeth 2nd. Emotions were laid bare – sadness and joy in the thrill of togetherness.

The service at Westminster Abbey was properly laced through with the beliefs and values of Christianity which the Queen had upheld throughout her life and through her monarchy and role within the Church of England.

The Archbishop of Canterbury spoke of her dedication and service in following Jesus: ‘I am the way.’ Queen’s funeral: Here is the Archbishop of Canterbury’s sermon in full | Evening Standard

Our new Prime Minister Liz Truss read The Gospel according to St John 14: 1-9 which speaks of Jesus preparing a place for us and confirming Jesus as the way. But his reflection to questions was: ‘Have I been so long with you without your really knowing me?’

For these hours it felt as though we were back in 1953. This was a Christian country, with the lessons of war well learned and in process of rebuilding nations which would be kind to the weakest and poorest. A population better fed, better housed, better educated and more equal would be created.

Reality has asserted itself brutally in the days following.

We have become a broken nation, losing all the progress of 60 years in the matter of the last ten. The UK’s public health system is broken | The BMJ

Initiatives by the new government suggest that the words which were read and preached at Westminster Abbey were seen as theatre, rather than as a text for rescue. The new road is a road to ruin: Kwarteng accused of reckless mini-budget for the rich as pound plummets | Mini-budget 2022 | The Guardian

Those who are poor, those who are weak and ill, are most likely to suffer.

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