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I am glad: On the cards 2023

We used to make our own Christmas Cards and decorations at Warstones Junior School. My cards were generally of poorly formed Christmas Trees, with coloured boxes and bauble all around. There might be an angel or two, shepherds and kings (3)

In the nativity play I would be a shepherd, with a headdress fashioned from a tea towel and a crook made from bent wire covered with silver paper and on the end of a bamboo garden cane. Our decorations were made from endless links of coloured paper. Cut and pasted with great care and mess – It took hours of time.

We knew we would have a party and there would be fish paste sandwiches, orange juice, crisps and jelly with bits of fruit in it in a small crinkled paper container, to be eaten with a plastic spoon.

I will exchange cards with Chris, who was in the same class over 70 years ago. We have kept a respectful contact through all this time – we have learned together, played sports together and pursued out differing but earnest lives – mine sustained by continuing Faith. His less certain as the weight of knowledge and received wisdom has made impact.

Communications have changed – telephones, emails, Zoom – all provide immediate and wonderful alternatives - but a handwritten personal card goes quite close to a visit in the flesh – even a few words can carry the message.

I am still here. Hope that you are too. You are an important reference coordinate – and I am glad.


Each week we post a blog from David Jolley where he shares his personal views on relevant subjects.

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