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Listen to the radio

We have already railed against industry-driven manoeuvres to require us all to buy and use expensive and complicated electronic equipment to do the most basic and essential things day by day. Too clever by half (

Now we read that the BBC has plans to stop broadcasting to steam radio and steam TV. We are threatened with the loss of ‘Auntie’, as we have known her: BBC preparing to go online-only over next decade, says director general | BBC | The Guardian

The ultimate vision of hell from the BBC | BBC | The Guardian

This is a direct denial of the needs and preferences of many older people, people of limited means and limited ability to cope with the complexity of Smart phones and other such devices. It is another push to require people to spend money on the purchase and maintenance of new devices.

The current cold spell is encouraging us to remember winters past – Huddled in one room with a coal fire or gas or electric equivalent, and with the company of the radio, local or national, and TV. This was the lif