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Memory suspended – a true detective story

Our daughter has read all the books at least once and often more, but for me it is the TV versions of Poirot and Miss Marple which entertain and intrigue me on many cosy family evenings. It is being in their world which I enjoy, the triumph of quiet and thoughtful observations by these unlikely heroes – an oddly, but smartly dress small, fairly old ‘foreigner’ (David Suchet), and a distinctly old and occasionally distrait woman (in various representations from schoolmarm to twinkly). There is never any rush – but a measured and patient exploration of the facts and the people, and motives.

So we have been pleased to follow Lucy Worsely’s exploration of Agatha Christie, their creator: BBC Two - Agatha Christie: Lucy Worsley on the Mystery Queen, Series 1, Cat Among the Pigeons

The second episode included an account and analysis of the strange events of December 1926, when Mrs Christie disappeared.

We had learned that Agatha was born and brought up in Torquay. She was the youngest of three children, and ten years younger than her brother and sister. It is said that she preferred to play with her pets and had a number of imaginary friends she would talk to and have make-believe and games with. Her schooling was at home, rather than in the discipline and rough and tumble of a school. She was very close to her mother, a closeness which became greater when her father died when she was only ten. This background almost certainly disposed her to think creatively and feel at home in worlds of fantasy. It would also lea