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Monday – boots on

Monday and at 10.30am we will be walking. We have been doing it since 2014, with short interruptions for lockdowns.

We do not go far – about 2 miles – and we do not go fast – the idea is to be available and ‘friendly’ for people who have lost confidence in getting about.

This morning these is a call from a group which supports people with disabilities – They picked up a leaflet this weekend at a conservation session run by another Friends of Park group. Friends groups are doing more and more as focus for community activities of all sorts – Often outdoors, close to nature and the earth and accepting.

A youngish lady has joined from Hong Kong.

A man who has recently had a major heart operation, now acts as a backmarker to be sure that everyone is still with us. Grown-ups are hopeless at doing what they are told – children know to keep in line, but adults know better. He has brought his sister along.