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Monday – boots on

Monday and at 10.30am we will be walking. We have been doing it since 2014, with short interruptions for lockdowns.

We do not go far – about 2 miles – and we do not go fast – the idea is to be available and ‘friendly’ for people who have lost confidence in getting about.

This morning these is a call from a group which supports people with disabilities – They picked up a leaflet this weekend at a conservation session run by another Friends of Park group. Friends groups are doing more and more as focus for community activities of all sorts – Often outdoors, close to nature and the earth and accepting.

A youngish lady has joined from Hong Kong.

A man who has recently had a major heart operation, now acts as a backmarker to be sure that everyone is still with us. Grown-ups are hopeless at doing what they are told – children know to keep in line, but adults know better. He has brought his sister along.

Jenny comes with Hilda who has a degrees of dementia, but enjoys walking and can talk for England. Her stories might be repeated but they are always interesting and full of life – she beams as she tells them. She loves to help with refreshments.

Today we will talk about the war in Ukraine – some of us lived through World War 2 – more of us remember how life was in the years after it – Wonderful years in many ways. We have enjoyed years of peace and privilege – hard won by previous generations. Though there have been rumbling wars around the world during almost every year, none have felt to threaten our own peace quite like this one might. And we still have covid, climate, environment and the weather.

We will walk them off.

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