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Tek care son

We heard that Tony Husband has died. The Manchester Evening News was quick with the story and posted a sensitive and caring report of the circumstances, together with a copy of Tony’s last cartoon – drawn within minutes of his dying at Westminster Bridge in London: Cartoonist Tony Husband's poignant last sketch as tributes flood in - Manchester Evening News

We knew Tony on a personal basis, having had the opportunity to play a role in the care and support of his father, Ron, who lived his last years and died with dementia in Hyde, Tameside.

Ron was a mighty man of talent – even when quite severely affected by dementia, he could play golf to a level to win cups, but stuttered in the acceptance speech. When he entered a care home, he played the piano to the joy and pleasure of other residents, and himself.

Tony was the mainstay of Ron’s care – for many months visiting daily to the cottage on the hillside which Ron shared with his beloved dog, Lossie, keeping things together and precariously safe, until a chip pan fire and the Fire Brigade said: ‘That’s enough’.

Tony and the family remained steadfastly loving and supportive to dad and to the professionals who helped care for him. Tony became deeply associated with the dementia community – sharing his own thoughts and experiences with words and pictures Take Care, Son by Tony Husband | Hachette UK

He took every chance to support the cause – attending meetings locally and with national figures – Utterly generous with his time and talents, and his emotions, which were drawn raw by these months so closely devoted to dad in his altered state – yet still radiating the brilliant, rascally person that he had always been.

Tony Husband has done much in other circles – But we will not forget him – One of us - and we are thankful for his messages which speak to Everyman


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