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Thanks for Swedish sensitivity – Could this be extended to the rest of the world?

It was a relief, after raging for days, to find that the Swedish government has intervened to require at least a hesitation in the case of Kathleen Pope: the deportation of Kathleen Poole has been put on hold and may never happen: Sweden ‘places on hold’ deportation of UK woman with Alzheimer’s | Sweden | The Guardian

I went to one of the more expensive supermarkets to order and buy special food for a celebration event. As it came to pay I found that there was only one aisle staffed by a human being. The queue was not long, six or seven short queues were negotiating, their backs to the populated area, with machines which line the wall. Baskets, trolleys, mobile phones, credit cards, bags and fluster. Not an exercise to give joy or relaxation. I was grateful for a face-to-face exchange with the man on the till – just about this and that, including the hope that he and others will be allowed to continue to provide this mode of service.

What is life if it does not include communion with other human beings?

I can cope now, for the most part, but this may not always be the case. Exclusion by lack of understanding, lack of dexterity, lack of speed feels to b encroaching ever nearer and wider.

Banks, post offices, parks, public libraries and public toilets are restrictive in access. Even church has retreated to an on-line vestige. All for the cheapest option – but cheap can be so nasty.

Let us have a return to humanity – for all of us, but most particularly for the disadvantaged, including those who are old and reduced in their abilities

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