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Trees are beautiful

Yesterday the route my dog Trixie and I found the route we had planned for our afternoon walk was blocked by warning ribbons – a team of tree surgeons was busily taking down high branches from an avenue of ancient beech trees. We have had a number of branch falls from trees in our nearby park this year and there was a fatality and serious injury when a large branch fell on two friends walking beside the Bridgewater Canal in Sale. This has made people more aware and sensitive to the possible hazards associated with trees.

We trust that the tree surgeons’ work will be expert and well-informed. We want safety, but we grieve the loss of every mature tree.

Trees are beautiful company – and improve life wherever they go: Tree health resilience strategy (

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While billions of pounds are being spent on research into hi-tech approaches to understand and treat illnesses, including dementia, there is a wealth of evidence that the natural world, particularly proximity to trees, is health promoting – giving benefits to individuals, families and the wider economy: