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Dementia Community

At our most recent session of Dementia Conversations Online, there were many positive and encouraging stories and observations, but also rage at the poverty of services – and particularly their falling away from the standards which had been achieved up to 10 years ago.

The demise of Dementia Action Centres is felt to confirm the absence of any organised, concerted effort to draw attention to this tragedy – and to spearhead a way forward – rather than passively fade away and accept such a shabby state. Dementia Action Alliance

Happily we heard about the establishment of Dementia Community

This is a Charitable Community Benefit Society – arising from the group which publishes The Journal of Dementia Care, produces the UK Dementia Congress and provides The National Dementia Care Awards. We can all join it and purchase an interest with £1 – see how to do this via the link above.

The mission is to connect and empower the dementia community of people with dementia, their family carers and all others who are interested in their welfare

Values include: Trust, Inclusion, Quality, Learning: Always to improve the lives of people living with dementia.

A board of experienced and committed people has been assembled, supported by an Advisory Group of deeply well-informed and committed experts.

Sponsorship is being sought within ethical guidelines, as is Partnership within the voluntary, statutory, private and commercial sectors:

Partners thus far include: The Alzheimer’s society, NAPA and ‘meaningful care matters’

So – this is of all of us – for all of us. Not asking it be done by somebody else – We will do all we can. Let’s join now:

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