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I had not looked at the Market Place section of Dementia Pathfinders website until nudged to do so as I was asked to review two resources designed to be helpful to carers in using hours together fruitfully:

At Home with the Seasons is a 32 page booklet which is well presented, the pages are easy-cleaned card held by a wire back. Written by Story Chaplain, illustrated by Maria Burns and with contributions from Time-to-talk-Befriending and PLOT 22, this leads us through the four seasons in words and pictures. These suggest encounters and observations which can be made on gentle, accompanied walks – usually by day but perhaps sometimes in an evening. There are pages where our own ideas and comments will be written for reference. There is a list of other sources which will complement this one. The aim is to encourage enjoyment of the open air and exercise. And on a rainy day, the booklet is there to aid the memory.

Ingredients cards: Styled on those cards my mum collected from her magazine in the 1950s for recipes which widened her baking repertoire, the set of eleven high quality cards (labelled I,N,G,R,E,D,I,E,N,T,S) comes from Story Chaplain with illustrations by Sarah Edmonds. They are all about making best use of time together with someone with dementia – pictures and words which will stimulate memories and reflections, smiles and more – maybe something we can do later or next week – things which give us a headache, something nice we might have for lunch or a snack – and ending with a cuppa!

Nice to hold, easy on the eye and brain both these items are likely to be welcomed and helpful for families and some professionals.

But I had not known previously that Dementia Pathfinders offers a range of other resources: arts and crafts, books, colouring and painting books and equipment – some sold out which confirms their popularity, games and activities, learning, reminiscence, carer matters, sensory experiences and care charts.

There is even a ‘Good as new’ section – bring-and-buy on line – Full of good ideas this organisation!

All these products look to be of uniform high quality, safe and reasonably priced – a boon to those of us who have a mind to make best use of each day – but needing a bit of help with the time table.

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