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Steady does it in dementia care

I was pleased to find a reference in the newspaper to important work which confirms that people with dementia who see their own GP regularly do better than those who pass through the hands of a number of doctors and other professionals: Dementia patients who see same GP have better quality of life, study finds | Dementia | The Guardian

The full study is available online Continuity of GP care for patients with dementia: impact on prescribing and the health of patients | British Journal of General Practice (

It is a fabulous piece of work – conducted by a large and impressively qualified team at Exeter University: It uses record linkage to identify a cohort of 9324 patients with dementia in 2016 and follow them up for up to 12 months – using the Clinical Practice Research Datalink.

The design required the identification of contacts with a General Practitioner rather than another professional in the Practice and this informed measures of continuity of care as: the Usual Provider Index, the Brice-Boxerman Continuity of Care Index and the Sequential Continuity of Care Index. These measures were used to characterise levels of continuity of care divided into quartile – High, high intermediate, low intermediate and lowest.